Welcome! I will show you how
my passion can be to your benefit.


My passion for living mindfully will guide you to fulfillment.

My passion for fitness will motivate your desire for a better lifestyle
that connects your mind and body.

My passion for clean, simple cooking will inspire you to nourish your body.

Everything leads to MINDFULNESS.
Find out how to live mindfully now!




Your FREE breakthrough session awaits! I will guide you to overcome obstacles, reverse bad habits, become more efficient and productive, make the most of opportunities – allowing you to conquer your goals in life and work.

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People ask me how I find the time to cook every night. Sign up for my private class and learn the technique.

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I want to incorporate nutrition in each school's curriculum because good nutrition is essential for development.

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Passion is my secret ingredient. I want to share my passion for food with you and elevate your dining experience by engaging all your senses to create a memory that lasts forever.

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GET results!

Ever notice that no matter how hard or how often you workout, you can't seem to get the results you want? Can't keep motivated or don't know exactly what to do? Try P90X Live! for faster results.

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Beachbody has a number of programs to accomodate people at every fitness level. Every program that I have done, I have loved. That’s what made me a coach. I believe these are the best fitness and health solutions available today.  If you are willing to try one of them, I think you will be surprised to find the same.

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